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Essay Writing On Modern Education

We have been noticing a rapid rise in the graph of literacy rate, but it is a fact that corruption, terrorism and crimes have also increased with the same rate or probably higher. It is generally believed that an educated man has more intellectual power and he is ethically better than a layman. But then isn’t it strange that a place having a large number of literate people has equal number of evils too. Yes this is where our modern education fails. Our modern education system has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading.

If we don’t know the value and ethics of life then what’s the use of collecting degrees. You will be surprised to know that most of the criminals, chain-snatchers etc. are highly educated. Another example which i would like to tell you is an incident where four B.tech graduates took away the life of that woman who gave them life and the reason was a mere superstition. They believed that some wicked power was inside their mother’s body. How deplorable it is! Despite having good qualification, they were not literate enough to distinguish between right and wrong. It is definitely the fault of our modern education system that we only get bookish knowledge. As a formality, value education, environmental studies etc. are being included in our syllabus but we all know neither the teachers nor the students take interest in these subjects.

All these statements are sufficient enough to put a big question mark on our modern education and by the way, we are debating this topic itself shows that education is lacking its value in some or the other way. In the end, I just want to repeat the words of Adam Cooper, “You don’t need any highbrows traditions or money to really learn, you just need people with the desire to better themselves.

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Every year it seems that students do better and better in their exams. It is unfair to say that tests are getting easier without recognizing that some students will have worked hard to get the grades that they got. But, there are also people who say that they hardly revised at all and still got a good grade. There are certainly a lot of people who claim they can pass all of their exams without doing any revision, and this is just one of many indicators that the modern education system is making it too easy to pass tests.


Last year’s tests are handed out to kids so that they can study them in preparation for the tests this year. People are not told what market conditions are going to affect them next year in business; they have to learn how to adapt to them. People are not shown what graphic design they are going to have to do next year by being shown stuff from previous years or by giving them templates. So, this sort of thing should not happen in schools.

Essay writing companies are out there and they will write a person’s coursework for them. Not only does this make passing a test easier, it also indicates that complete strangers may score well on coursework, even if they have not just had one or two years intensive schooling for it.

Counter Arguments

Showing a student a test from last year is going to prepare them for the test this year. It shows them an example of what they may come across. A surgeon is shown hundreds of internal body pictures before he or she comes close to operating on a real person.

The people who work for essay writing companies have already done the tests for the coursework, and that is why they are able to score highly for it. Plus, they only help a person pass their written part of the coursework grade and cannot help a person pass their whole qualification.

Counter-Counter Arguments

Showing a student a previous test may be similar to showing a surgeon a body before being allowed to operate, but the effects are very different. Students are just being taught how to take tests well, and are not being encouraged to explore their own knowledge in order to do well on tests.

The people who write essays for essay writing services are not always qualified in a field and are still able to pass tests with things they research off of the Internet. In addition, a good coursework grade is capable of carrying a student so that a student may score very badly in a seated exam and still pass the qualification.


It would be unfair to flunk the lowest scorers as a way of improving the system because it will encourage more people to use essay-writing services to get a better edge. Plus, people who have really absorbed the material may still be poor test takers.

The modern education system makes it too easy to pass your exams as proven by this essay. But, suggestions to change it for the better are lacking, as nothing has yet presented that will change the education services for the better, apart from a better monitoring of who writes which essays.

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