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Cover Letter Format Free Download Doctor

The term doctor is usually used as a broad description to explain a professional with a medical background, and they can be classified into many specialisations. For most of us, doctors are people who can solve our conditions and illnesses, and give us new lives. This mindset pressures them to work to their fullest but if they have the needed knowledge and the proper training, then these issues can be manageable to them.

Doctors need years of training and specialised knowledge to get employed in institutions, and they also need to submit an Application Letter that contains all their credentials. For anyone to become a doctor, they would need to enrol in a medical school and receive proper training. And for doctors to work in an institution, they should be able to impress clients with their skills and knowledge during their time as interns to gain the trust from people.

Sample Medical Job Application Letter Template

Free Download

Doctor Job Application Letter

Free Download

Job Application Letter for Medical Doctor

Job Application Letter for Junior Doctor

Job Application Letter for Medical Assistant

Job Application Letter for Veterinary Doctor

How to Write a Job Application Letter for Doctors

  • Choose the right type of application letter. There are different types of application letters suited for different purposes. Make sure to choose the type of Job Application Letter that reflects your purpose of applying, and should be customized specifically for the position you are applying for.
  • Include keywords in your application letter. Using skills, results, and recognition as keywords and matching them to the specific job description of the position you are applying can help increase your chances of getting called back for an interview.
  • Provide evidence on the qualities you mentioned. Choose at least three to a maximum of five qualities the employer is looking for in their job listing. These qualities should be discussed briefly, how you benefited from it, and how you were able to contribute to your previous work or internship experience.
  • Discuss what you know about the company. Do some research about the institution your are applying and include some information about them in Application Letter Templates. You may also indicate in your letter the things about the institution that you are most impressed with or attracted to.

Job Application Letter for Doctor Example

Job Application Letter for Medical Assistant Internship

Formal Job Application Letter for Juinior Doctor

Job Application Letter for Associate Physician

Quick Tips on Writing a Job Application Letter

  • Convince the employer that you know what they are expecting and you are able to cater to their expectations.
  • Communicate what kind of doctor you are to work with and show them what you can offer that others cannot.

Why Download our Templates?

  • These templates were done by knowledgeable professionals.
  • These templates can be easily downloaded for free.
  • You can choose to save it in either Doc, Docx formats when downloading.
  • These templates come in high resolution to assure you of clear and legible printouts.
  • These templates are fully editable with the use of Microsoft Office or Apache OpenOffice.

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Stephanie Oslo

117 Newton Street
Camden ACT 2600
P: (02) 9111 1111
M: 0411 111 111
E: Stephanie.oslo@example.com.au 



Dr Christina Cresswell

Clinical Superintendent
Royal Hospital
E: Christina.cresswell@example.com.au
P: (02) 9333 3333


Dear Dr Cresswell

RE: PGY3 Resident Medical Officer Positions

I wish to apply for the position of PGY3 Resident Medical Officer as advertised on seek.com.au. Please find my resume attached.

I am an MBBS graduate coming up to the end of my PGY2 year at Camden Hospital. During my residency I worked in orthopedic surgery, geriatrics, endocrinology and respiratory. During my intern year I worked in cardiology, emergency, colorectal surgery, renal medicine and relief. I have had experience being on call, doing shift work, have also had placements at rural hospitals which have shown me a different medical environment.

Throughout my PGY1 and PGY2 years and during previous placements I have attended rounds, journal club, multi-disciplinary meetings, all teaching sessions and have taken the opportunities to do extra research. My strong interpersonal and communication skills have been used while treating patents and helping medical students with practical skills such as cannulation and venepuncture.

I am registered with the RACP and RACS and find it rewarding being part of a successful team that can make a real difference to people's lives.

If you require any more information please contact me on the phone numbers above. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

[sign here]

Stephanie Oslo

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