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Target Market Analysis Essay

Segmentation And Target Market Essay

Segmentation and Target Market

Proper marketing management is one of the major determinants of business success. Amongst the methods of marketing management, segmentation, target marketing, and positioning are of utmost importance. Market segmentation deals with the identification of the market constituents into different groups or segments based on specific profiles (Kotler and Keller, 2012). Target marketing deals with the selection of segments and development of the measures to attract the selected consumer groups (Kotler and Keller, 2012). Ultimately, business positioning deals with the ways in which the business remembers and distinguishes the brand of the company with the competing products by means of unique attributes and benefits (Kotler and Keller, 2012). Although there are some associated drawbacks related to target marketing, segmentation, and positioning such as ethical issues, inhibited popularity due to cynicism to discrimination practices in these strategies, as well as waste of resources. Most firms still utilize these mechanisms due to the benefits offered such as improved operation efficiencies, better product positioning accuracy, and increased possibilities for opportunity identification (Kotler and Keller, 2012).
Procter and Gamble (P&G), which was formed on October 31, 1987, is one of the leading fast moving consumer good (FMCG) companies in the world. The portfolio of the company consists of several well-known brands such as “Pantene,” “Rejoice,” “Gillette,” “Pampers,” “Ariel,” “Ambi Pur,” and “Duracell,” among others (Procter and Gamble, 2013). The development of these brands is possible only due to sound and carefully planned marketing management strategies.
The segments of P&G may be seen from several different perspectives. First and foremost, the segmentation may be seen from the types of products. Based on their functions and usage, the segment of the market may be classified into health care, beauty, and family care segments (Procter and Gamble, 2013). For products having similar functions, P&G also segments the market further based on their demographic characteristics such as age and gender. For example, “Noxzema” is aimed to young women and young men, while “Olay” is targeted to older women. Similarly, “Head and Shoulders” is oriented mainly to adult men and women who have dandruff, while “Pantene” is oriented to adult women. Furthermore, segmentations based on the geographical features are also present. For example, there are specific innovations in the brands, such as the growth of hair treatment brands for women with curly hair in African continent, in which women having such traits are prominent. Similarly, products able to give “silky-smooth” hair are also focused in Asian countries, in which such kind hair is considered as an indicator of beauty and elegance and is therefore desired. In addition, segmentations are also made based on the psychographic characteristics of the consumers such as the value,...

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Marriott's Market Segmentation and Market Research

1443 words - 6 pages Case Study: Marriott’s Market Segmentation and Market Research Introduction: Marriott is one of the most renowned hotels in the world with more than 3,800 properties across 72 countries and territories. However, the chain of hotels did not just appear overnight. What started off as a root-beer stand by J.W. Marriott, evolved into a chain of restaurants. Later on, Bill Marriott, son of J.W. Marriott, managed to expand the family’s business from...

IKEA: Target Market and Positioning Strategy

1304 words - 5 pages IKEA: Target Market and Positioning Strategy When analyzing an organization’s target market, the first step is to understand the business and what they hope to achieve through their marketing strategies. Targeting and positioning strategies consist of analyzing and identifying segments within a given product-market, choosing which segment or segments to target, and developing and implementing a positioning strategy for each targeted segment...

Concept of Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. Market Segmentation apply on Hotel and Personal Computer.

1986 words - 8 pages Market SegmentationMarket Segmentation means breaking down the total market into self contained and relatively homogeneous subgroups of customers, each possessing its own special requirements and characteristics. This enables the company to modify its output, advertising messages and promotional methods to correspond to the...

What conditions do you feel must be satisfied in order that market segmentation is effective? State the advantages and limitations of market segmentation with particular reference to consumer goods.

1873 words - 7 pages What conditions do you feel must be satisfied in order that market segmentation is effective? State the advantages and limitations of market segmentation with particular reference to consumer goods. Compare and contrast your findings with proposed theories and justify your conclusions.Marketers recognized long ago that products and services couldn't be "all things to all people." Buyers have different taste, interest, goals, lifestyles,...

Aer Lingus: Buying behaviour and target marketing, The extended service marketing mix. Creating a competitive advantage - Market research

924 words - 4 pages Buying behaviour and target marketingHow has Aer Lingus attempted to put its customers at the forefront of its business development? To what an extent has the airline built up an understanding of its customer's perceptions and expectations?Aer Lingus have attempted to understand the needs and wants of their target customers (premium business class) in...

This report is required to choose a business operating in the tourism sector and describe how the business segments its market and how this segmentation is reflected in its marketing strategy.

3605 words - 14 pages By Elaine Yiting SHAO Dreamers' Paradise-DreamworldSo Many Worlds In OneName: Elaine Yiting SHAOID: 1955 9224Tutor: Blake StanwickUnit Name: Tourism MarketingUnit Code: MKW2600Word Count: 2876 Table of Contentsiii

Market Segmentation

718 words - 3 pages Week 6Market Segmentation and Target MarketingTayla PepinOctober 3, 2014Do you know anything about the different types of marketing? Did you know that there are different subjects and topics in marketing? Honestly, I did not. I thought marketing was...

a study on iphone

1216 words - 5 pages 2. IDENTIFICATION OF TARGET MARKET a. Primary target of iPhone and Product Segmentations Nowadays, wherever we turn our gaze, we can see that there are Apple Inc. products with different ages, genders, status or expectations. When we look for the primary target for iPhone within this crowded user area, we can see that the middle-upper income professionals and college or graduate school students are in this group. It can not be doubted that...

Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy

1272 words - 5 pages In the business field, marketing is one of the activities assisting in profiting a single company. The buyers are too many, greatly dispersed, and different in their needs. Therefore, customer driven marketing strategy is being used to see the products or services from the customer’s perspective and communicating the message in customer’s language (Schade, 2007). Basically, customer driven marketing strategy is divided into four major steps:...

Market segmentation

1005 words - 4 pages ASSIGNMENTESSENTIALS OF MARKETINGBUS 400Prepared forMr. Jimmy KelanaLecturer of Essentials of MarketingPrepared byDevi (B30611231)5th April 2004Kensington Institute IndonesiaMarket Segmentation is the process of dividing a market into direct groups of buyers who might require separate...

Intro to Marketing - Study Notes for the Test (Continues)

668 words - 3 pages Psychographic segmentation is often part of an overall segmentation strategy.Psychographic studies may be implemented to develop lifelike, 3-dimentional profiles of lifestyles of the firm's target market.When combined with demographic and geographic characteristics , psychographics become imortant in understanding the behaviour of present and potential target markets.BENEFIT SEGMENTATIONBenefit Segmentation is based...

Aetna: A Target Market Analysis Essay

1394 Words6 Pages

Overview: With an evolving market in the various fields marketing, companies needed to readjust their and update their marketing strategies. Centuries ago, a company that needed to market for its products would just post a paper note at the main town street and if people liked the product it would be sold. In the 21st century, marketing became an essential field and necessary branch in any company that plans to succeed. Aetna recognized this necessity and while analyzing the company’s strategies and structure, one can recognize the un-doubtful organization in identifying their target market. Through the creation of different subsidiaries, Aetna, Inc. is able to organize its target market and classify their various services based on…show more content…

The second subdivision of Aetna’s primary target market is promoting health insurance to Medicaid participants through Schaller Anderson (Schaller Anderson: History, 2012). As a leading insurance company, Aetna’s primary market broadens to reach those who work full time or part time based on hourly wages through its subsidiary company, Strategic Resource Company (SRC) which was bought by Aetna, Inc in 2005 (SRC: Our Mission, 2012). Aetna’s fourth subdivision target market, which is considered the biggest subdivision, is providing insurance to “employers, third-party administrators, commercial insurance companies and other health plans (Aetna Subsidiaries, 2012)”. These latter targets are aimed at through Aetna’s fourth subsidiary Cofinity which includes over 2.5 million members as of 2009 (About Cofinity, 2009). Besides targeting health insurance consumers, Aetna aimed at a target market that excludes health insurance seekers yet includes health care providers. Through a fifth subsidiary, Medicity, Aetna created another target market subdivision where it can provide health information technology in health care facilities such as hospitals and practices (About Medicity, 2012). Finally, Aetna aims at acquiring shareholders and therefore targeted a market of

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