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Violence In Prisons Essay Definition

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It is very difficult to prevent sexual violence outside the prison and jail area, nevertheless, imagine the issue inside the prison and jail area. There are people who will think the inmates deserve it and that they should not be helped since they are prisoners. Sexual violence has been going on for centuries and it is not a new issue. It is not until the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 that requires the Bureau of Justice Statistics to develop new national data collections on the incidence and prevalence of sexual violence within correctional facilities. The BJS completed the third annual national survey of administrative records in adult correctional facilities between January 1 and June 30, 2007 that provides an understanding of what…show more content…

Only about 17% were substantiated. Based on completed investigations, allegations of staff sexual harassment and inmate-on-inmate nonconsensual sexual acts were less likely to have been substantiated than other types of allegations. During 2006, 7% of allegations of staff sexual harassment and 14% of inmate-on-inmate nonconsensual sexual acts were substantiated, 19% of the allegations of inmate-on-inmate abusive sexual contacts and 25% of the allegations of staff sexual misconduct.
However, there is always a margin of error when it comes to statistics. There will always be barriers to effective investigation. Barriers associated with the investigation include inmate unwillingness to report victimization, difficulties in compiling information across different entities for investigators to use (medical information, evidence), lack of staff training, delayed reporting of incidents that happened in the past. Before reporting the situation inmates would most likely weigh the costs and benefits. Barriers that causes victims to reluctantly report their cases could be perhaps due to lack of confidence in the reporting system and the follow-up investigation, a fear of losing privileges or other issues that arise as a result of a new housing unit, or worry about retaliation. Therefore, there might be problem with the accuracy of the statistics collected.
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