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Free Essays On Electoral College

Essay about Electoral College vs. Popular Vote

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Electoral College vs. Popular Vote When given this assignment I had no clue what topic I might choose. I waited and waited until the recent elections blew up in my face. This past election was a learning experience for me because I just turned 18. This was the first year I could ever vote and a weird election like this occurred. I noticed how many people were actually very disturbed with how Gore won the popular vote but will most likely lose the election only because he couldn't win enough electoral votes in one state. The Electoral College was designed in 1787 at the Constitutional Convention. A variety of ideas were originally brought to attention. Two significant and highly regarded options were a) Congress selects the…show more content…

Each state can have no less than 3 electors. This is because they get an elector for every chair they fill in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Because all states have two Senate members and at least one House member, we see why. All together, including all of our nation's states we have an Electoral College consisting of 538 members. In order for a candidate to actually become the President he must obtain at least 270 electoral votes, giving him the majority plus one (Glennon 19). Because we use the Electoral College, it has come to occur on numerous occasions that a candidate with a higher percentage of the popular vote is defeated by his political opponent by the electoral tally (Glennon 19), thus defeating the purpose of a Democracy. A Democracy exists if we the people have "the right to self- governance." "American 'democracy' has existed for over 200 years, and citizens are ready, as they have been for decades, if not centuries, to finally control their own country" ("Electoral College Problems"). Therefore the use of the Electoral College is completely useless and should be abandoned to the idea of the popular vote. If not completely thrown out, then altered by an amendment. Under the form of the present college, it is noticeable that almost all of the third party candidates are not even glanced at. Most people don't even know their

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The Electoral College Is Right For The United States

The Electoral College in the United States comprises of electors legally chosen within each state to elect the president after a subsequent presidential election by the people. Every state has many presidential electors, and as many as the representatives in both houses and congress. In total, there are 538 members of the Electoral College. The various states have different numbers of representatives. California has the largest number of electors, 54. This is because there are 54 members in the congress who represent the people in the state. New York has 33 electors, Texas has 32, and Florida has 25, Pennsylvania with 23, and Ohio with 21.

Washington D.C and six other states have three electors each. Founders of the Electoral College had genuine reasons at heart when arranging the college over the popular vote, because, when travel was hard, and party organizations were not present, there was the threat of many regional candidates dividing the vote. The founders saw that, requiring a candidate to win a majority vote in the Electoral College had essence. In addition, it was a strategy in determining the national consensus. This is a very important activity, and that is why the US should retain the Electoral College.

In addition, the Electoral College prevents the accumulation of geographical power, forces national candidates to hold campaigns across the country, and stresses the importance of the minority voters. The founders aimed at equalizing power dominance to avoid the country to run on a unitary system, favoring a federal basis, because federalism is the fair way to run a very large and complex place like the United States. This Electoral College has helped the United States in various aspects. If it were not for it, most likely the US would not exist.

The founders of the Electoral College realized that in a situation where the United States president wins an election based on the popular vote, then there would be very few cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New York selecting a president each year because of the populous populations. These more populous states may always carry the vote while the less populous states would have little or no say at all on the ruling of the country. For this reason, the US should retain the Electoral College.

Another reason why the US should retain the Electoral College is to avoid splitting of states from the United States. Basing on the different number of representatives each state has some states might feel they are capable of managing on their own. Other states may adopt this ideology and subsequently split. The Electoral College will continue raising eyebrows in the United States because some people get confused how a loser in a declared national popular vote, may win the presidency in the college. However, the Electoral College has substantial benefits to the country and retaining it will do the country good.

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