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The Devil In Salem Village Essay

Essay about The History of the Salem Witch Trial in 1692

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There was a point in our history when people believed in witches. If you were accused as a witch, you would be tried, most of the time found guilty, and hanged. These events happened in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. During the Salem witch trials in 1692, more women were accused than men. At the same time, women were also accusers. Many things could have caused women to be accused and accusers. These included, the stories Tituba told, the effects of Ergot Poisoning, Hysteria and the hunger for Power. During this time, the young girls (Elizabeth Parris, and Abigail Williams) started having fits. This was after Tituba told stories about demons and witches to them. These fits were similar to the fits one would have gotten if poisoned with…show more content…

He diagnosed them bewitched. After the girls were announced bewitched, they started to accuse different people. Elizabeth accused Tituba. Tituba refused to be a witch at her trial, but later she confessed that she was one. She also claimed that there were secret witch groups all around Salem. Tituba’s confession, probably sent hysteria, and panic all around Salem. The effects Ergot poisoning could have been one of the causes of the Salem witch trials. Ergot grows in certain weather conditions. There has to be a cold winter followed by a wet spring. This was the case in Salem. If you were to get poisoned by Ergot, you experience many different symptoms. Some of the symptoms include muscle spasms, paranoia, hallucinations, trembling, shaking, and twisting of the neck and body. All of these symptoms were found in Abigail, Elizabeth, and all the other girls clamming to be possessed.
There are many ways you could’ve gotten poisoned by Ergot. You could get Ergot poisoning by eating Ergot infected rye (bread), and by touching it with your fingers. Women in Salem were expected to cook and do house chores. In order to prepare rye flour, you had to touch it with your fingers. Scientists proved that ergot infected rye could survive the baking process. Since more women were handling the rye, they were more prone to get infected by it. This might have been why more women were accused and accusers than men.
Hysteria could have been one of the things that

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Essay on Cotton Mather and the Salem Witch Trials of 1692

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Cotton Mather and the Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 took place in the Puritan community of Salem, Massachusetts. Cotton Mather, a clergyman in Salem, emerged throughout the course of the trials as a pillar of support and, ultimately, as a witch-hunter. However, his motives at the beginning of the trials were driven by his Puritanical reasoning which holds a strong belief in Biblical Law. Cotton Mather used his Puritanical faith to find reasoning in God that allowed the Salem Witch Trials to occur.

Puritanism spawned from a reform group of the Church of England in the mid-sixteenth century. Puritans felt the need to make the Church of England pure from the corrupt influences of the Roman Empire.1 In their New…show more content…

Once again, this opens the town of Salem to what they perceived as infiltration by the Devil, or deviation from Scripture. The Puritans used their faith and their faith alone to reason. They saw that God was the highest power, and that He should be the guiding light in life. However, the Salem Witch Trials could have come from this pious and narrow view of society. The clergy, including Cotton Mather, allowed and, at times, instigated the search and seizure of witches.

Cotton Mather exemplified the essence of Puritan beliefs. He was originally from Boston, but he then moved to Salem, Massachusetts where he took the position of a clergyman. Mather authored many works on witchcraft throughout the course of the trials. Through his Puritanical belief, Mather embodied reasoning through faith. He wrote as the quintessential Puritan trying to rid humanity of its ills. These works included On Witchcraft and The Wonders of the Invisible World, as well as many letters he sent to fellow clergy on the subject of witchcraft. In his day, he was considered an authority on witchcraft due to his involvement in the well-publicized Salem Witch Trials.

In a discourse from On Witchcraft, Mather defines witchcraft and shows how the Bible supports the existence of witchcraft as valid. According to Mather, witchcraft is "the doing of strange (and for the most part ill) things by the help of evil

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